Guild Apparel Co. is located and was created in Minnesota. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs, artists, and designers all local and dedicated to the idea of quality, unique, and sustainable apparel. We strive to use only the most sustainable materials when creating our products. For example, we use cotton and organic blends, and water based inks for printing. Both of these elements are very environmentally friendly compared to common apparel production practices.

Our dedication to sustainability does not in any way affect our passion for quality. In fact, our cotton blends and water based inks add up to a extremely soft, comfortable shirt, that is durable and long lasting.

We value diversity, individuality, and originality and we put these values into the apparel we create; from the local artists and designers that help make visions and ideas a visual physical reality, to the hardworking entrepreneurs that are the backbone of Guild Apparel Co. keeping us moving forward and up. We are all passionate about the values we hold and hope that you can feel and see our passion when you wear our apparel. 


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